Welcome to Lagniappe Lunch

The goal of Lagniappe Lunch is to provide each student with a lunch option that they will enjoy. Each day the students will have the opportunity to choose from multiple lunch options including; hot lunches, sandwiches, and salads. All lunches will be provided by local restaurants. All restaurants are in close proximity of the campuses they are servicing to ensure freshness. Each lunch will include a fruit option as well as water. Please feel free to view the menu.

Upcoming Lagniappe Lunch

Thank you for choosing the Lagniappe Lunch program for the 2014 school year. We will be offering new restaurants on all campuses and as in the past are willing to look at suggestions from the school community. The website is currently processing registrations for families who are planning to order lunches. Whether you are choosing the semester plan, daily orders through PayPal, or depositing money into your account, you will need to create an account.

Pay for a Semester or Add Money to Your Account

You can purchase a semester of lunches online for your child(ren) at a reduced rate. The Semester Plan will pay for one meal per day for each child that you have purchased the plan for.

You can add money to your account online. When you place an order online, your account will be reduced by the amount of cost of the order.

Download Semester Plan Enrollment Forms for the Spring semester:

Funds can be added to your account and Semester Plans can be purchased by Editing Your Profile.

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O' Charley's
Panda House
Young's Sports Grill
Pizza Hut
Field of Dreams
Zoes Kitchen
Roly Poly
Nelly's Catering
Chick Fil A
Deano's WCA
Anne's Table -
Hot Dawg
The Acadian Superette and
Smoothie King
Stop 92 WCA
Izzo's Illegal